Primary and Secondary Tuition

Literacy and Numeracy

Crackerjack Kids’ Tuition classes are taught by fully qualified and experienced teachers.

Crackerjack Kids provide literacy and numeracy tuition to assist any student who might need that tiny bit extra support to ensure they are successful and confident in the classroom. We are also available to tutor those students who are seeking more of a challenge.​

We are unique in our approach to tuition as we teach for mastery. That means that if a new concept is introduced, we do not move on until the student thoroughly understands and the concept is transferred to long term memory.

Our tuition focus is to teach in a systematic way which is structured, sequential and cumulative, leaving no stone unturned and leaving no gaps of knowledge in our students’ understandings.

If parents desire we are happy to liaise directly with classroom teachers to ensure a holistic approach to the students’ education.

  • Tuition resources are supplied and hands on materials are used where appropriate to enhance learning.

    We are passionate about education and go to extraordinary lengths to ensure that we further the education of your child.​

    Crackerjack Kids provide the opportunity for children to be tutored on an individual basis or in small groups for one to three hours per week.


Taking the leap to primary school is an exciting event. By providing your kids with a head start to their education, you’ll make their transition from the early learning years to the primary school years as smooth as possible.


Crackerjack Kids provide screening, assessment and tuition services for primary and secondary students with dyslexia and also children who struggle with numeracy. We believe passionately in providing a holistic approach to education.


Enrolment is easy and pain free! Simply make contact with us and we’ll organise an introductory chat and assessment. Depending on the outcome of the assessment, we will then commence enrolment and work out suitable tuition times.