School Readiness Classes

Taking the leap to primary school is an exciting event. By providing your kids with a head start to their education, you’ll make their transition from the early learning years to the primary school years as smooth as possible.

Crackerjack Kids’ School Readiness programme begins at the age of 3 and continues through to the year before your child starts school. Kids play games, sing songs, make craft and explore concepts with hands on activities to consolidate their learning.

Children will learn essential pre-reading skills including phonological awareness, phonemic awareness and will have an introduction to phonics. A student’s level of phonological awareness at the end of kindergarten is one of the strongest predictors of future reading success.

Kids are also exposed to introductory numeracy concepts, with the objective of developing an all important ‘number sense.’

Kids will be provided with a school bag, work book, and weekly take home readers.

We are committed to developing happy, confident, little learners who are ready to embrace and enjoy their years at primary school.


Crackerjack Kids’ Tuition classes are taught by fully qualified and experienced teachers. Crackerjack Kids are here to assist any student who might need that tiny bit extra support to ensure they are successful and confident in the classroom.


Crackerjack Kids provide screening, assessment and tuition services for primary and secondary students with dyslexia and also children who struggle with numeracy. We believe passionately in providing a holistic approach to education.


Enrolment is easy and pain free! Simply make contact with us and we’ll organise an introductory chat and assessment. Depending on the outcome of the assessment, we will then commence enrolment and work out suitable tuition times.