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We at Crackerjack Kids believe that all people have the right to reach their full potential. We exist to serve children and adolescents with instruction in Literacy, Numeracy and School Readiness. We specialise in teaching students with Dyslexia, Dyscalculia and other related learning difficulties. We deliver multi-sensory instruction; evidence based programmes and we are qualified to deliver the Orton Gillingham Multi-Sensory Approach to language aquisition.


Taking the leap to primary school is an exciting event. By providing your kids with a head start to their education, you’ll make their transition from the early learning years to the primary school years as smooth as possible.


Crackerjack Kids provide screening, assessment and tuition services for primary and secondary students with dyslexia and also children who struggle with numeracy. We believe passionately in providing a holistic approach to education.


Crackerjack Kids’ Tuition classes are taught by fully qualified and experienced teachers. Crackerjack Kids are here to assist any student who might need that tiny bit extra support to ensure they are successful and confident in the classroom.


Enrolment is easy and pain free! Simply make contact with us and we’ll organise an introductory chat and assessment. Depending on the outcome of the assessment, we will then commence enrolment and work out suitable tuition times.

What parents are saying about Crackerjack Kids...
  • “I received my daughter’s latest Maths rubric today. It states “the extra help you are providing her with content from her tutoring is making a huge difference to her knowledge and confidence.” I just want to say thank-you for all the work you are doing with my daughter.”

  • “Thank you Crackerjack Kids for all the fantastic work you have done with Chiara this year. She has made huge progress and thoroughly enjoyed her time at class each week.”

  • “We are so grateful to have found Crackerjack kids. Both my children have learning disabilities – one has dyslexia and the other dyscalculia and this one-on-one tutoring provides them with the additional tailored support they need to assist their schooling. Through working with us (her parents) and her teachers, Crackerjack Kids has given us the tools to ensure my kids feel supported to learn at their own pace and thrive both academically and mentally.” 

  • “After only two terms at Crackerjack Kids my son has learnt so much and the improvement in his handwriting, reading and general literacy skills is amazing.  His increase in confidence as a result is wonderful to see. Crackerjack Kids makes learning fun and my son looks forward to his weekly lesson. We are so lucky to have found them.”

  • “My husband and my son are taking class together at Crackerjack Kids to improve their literacy skills. Shayne has been challenged all his life with his dyslexia, and having the specialised approach and teaching with Crackerjack Kids has seen a noticeable and wonderful improvement in both of them. Xavier loves it and says that it is fun…”

  • “Crackerjack Kids have helped my son for the past 2 years. Spelling was always a challenge for him but thanks to his weekly sessions he is now not only a good speller, but more importantly a more confident student. Thank you so much.”

  • “I wanted to thank you for your wonderful work with Emma last year. It was just what she needed to keep her little mind stimulated and to satisfy her love of learning. I feel very happy knowing that she is well ready for prep now – perhaps as a teacher rather than as a student!!! She always looked forward to coming to “Crackerjacks” each week and I know she had a lot of fun there too!”

    Ocean Grove